The Latest from Sherri

Princess or Villain?

You might be a villain if you hear the angry crow over the sweet birdsong. Uh-oh. Villain here.… Read more

Friday Yet?

I hope your week is going better than Pepper’s! (Actually, she had a great week, just relaxing).… Read more

Well Done, Marchers!

March for Our Lives was a huge event, and congratulations and well done to everyone who got out there to make a difference! Truly inspiring! And then there’s this… mind-boggling. How does one work out with a gun in one’s yoga pants?! Not to mention all that other stuff in the pockets.    … Read more

Work in Progress

I’m writing a Young Adult best friend breakup story (I can relate)! One friend would totally buy this Coach bag on sale. On sale! Coach! And it’s pink! The other friend would never need a handbag- that’s what pockets are for. And even if she did, it wouldn’t be an overpriced luxury brand. They’re currently […]… Read more

My Girls!

Nothing like coming home from a weekend away to these two love bugs, my corgis Bandit (the tricolor) and Pepper (red and white). They’re Pembroke Welsh Corgis (like Queen Elizabeth II’s). My BFF Dee Davis has Cardigan Welsh Corgis (Penn and Gus). The difference? Cardigans are slightly longer in body, more solid build, with broader […]… Read more

Eight Great Disney Snacks #RWA17

If you’re going to RWA17 in Disney World, here are some great snacks to keep you fortified along the way.    … Read more